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Hiring a professional crew to pump your septic system on a regular basis ensures bigger (and more costly) issues are avoided down the line.

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Committed and Experienced Work!

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. . . We needed service on a weekend. I heard back from Buddy’s Septic immediately. They diagnosed the problem over the phone and provided me with confidence for my next steps. They were soon on-site to fix this issue. You are getting a very responsive team when you reach out to Buddy’s Septic Services.

Their commitment to helping you with an issue cannot be underestimated. This is not just a driver with a truck, they own the business. Given their long experience in this industry they will also guide you to their trusted advisors for your other targeted needs giving you a comprehensive solution. This will save you time and money. You will be very happy with their quality of service.

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— Technician cleaning out a grease trap.

protect your home & family

If your septic tank becomes too full, untreated waste could end up in your yard, causing damage to your property and putting those living there at risk too.

Wastewater could end up in your home and work its way into the water you use for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.

Avoid health hazards and other problems by getting your pumping booked soon.

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avoid costly damage

Pumpings are a surefire way to avoid overflowing drains, odors throughout your property, and standing water/sewage in your yard.

Make sure you’re investing in this maintenance on a routine basis to avoid bigger issues and expensive damages later on down the line. Trust us – booking now is well worth it!

we make it simple & affordable

Sometimes finding the time and budget for septic cleanings can be a hassle, but when you work with us, we strive to make the process both simple and affordable.

Ask about getting on a regular schedule with us, so you don’t even have to think about it. After that, you can leave the hard part to us.

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